Innomac Construction Lifts are robust in design having best in the segment features like high Operating
speed, 360° Rotation, Safety limit switch, rigid drive system and etc.

The structure and major components are designed with FEA to meet higher reliability of the equipment.


IE2 Brake Motors: Innomac is providing rugged made-in-India and energy efficient IE-2 motors for longer life and higher energy efficiency. The electro-mechanical built-in brake systems ensures safety during power failures.
Robust Gear Box: This machine comes with a heavy-duty speed reduction gear box directly coupled to the rope drum, thus eliminating any belt drives.
1.6 metre long Boom: This equipment provides a very long boom of 1.6 metre with 500 kg capacity with a very compact footprint which is best in its segment.
Safety limit switch: All models comes with a safety top limit switch as a standard option with auto motor cut-off, in case of operator missing to switching it off on time.

Counter weight tray: The machine can be attached to two rugged counter weigh trays which are specially designed to take 4” or 6” concrete blocks.
Counterweight bucket: Apart from the machine counterweight system we also provide a boom counterweight system to balance the weight of the boom.
Pendent operation control: Machine is controlled by a relay based control panel which auto cuts off in case of overload, over traverse. The operator buttons are mounted through the remote pendent for easy of operation.
Tool Box: Innomac has introduced tool box in mini-lift for the first time in the industry, which can be used to store tools or any ready spare parts.
Winch Motor Cover: The machine comes with fully guarded motor and gear box which provides safety and protection.
FEA complaint: The machine is tested and verified both practically and by FEA software to get the best performance of the machine.


Brick handling tray : Specially designed, mesh covered tray for lifting concrete blocks in construction sites.
Sand/Concrete tray : Specially designed robust structure concrete tray with no leakage.
Load cell : This acts as a overload protection when the load crosses 500KG.
Counter Weight : Specially designed high grade concrete counter weight with steel enclosure and handle for longer life.