INNOMAC, Innovative Machines, the name itself speaks…

An Engineering firm at Bengaluru, that is envisioned to bring about the transformation in construction and infrastructure industry through advanced technological innovations leading to manufacturing of benchmarking featured machines under make in India concept. The company envisions to attain the first choice of customers for construction equipment through continuous research and development. 

INNOMAC believes there is a need to bring innovation through technological advancement, research, world class systemisation in every product & service we deal with.  The prime focus of the company is on customer needs, evaluate the current constraints and develop the appropriate solution. INNOMAC has in-house R&D team, who constantly strive to bring their best solution for every task / product we undertake. They are equipped with the world’s best software with latest versions. Each and every component are designed carefully for its metrology to suit the application needs. Each component undergoes a stiff design calculation and also goes with Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) in the software.


“We believe “Quality” is an in-built feature of all our products and services. The total integration of all systems is made to achieve this goal.”

  • Each and every design aspect made very precisely with sufficient consideration of factors of safety to meet the required application.
  • Expertise selections are made for Metallurgy, material selection, manufacturing process, and so that meeting the total quality.
  • The in-house Quality Assurance (QA) & Quality Control (QC) engineers equipped with advanced instruments and gauges shall ensure the quality process at every stage and control the specification of each component meeting to the desired values.
  • The thoughtful jigs and fixtures are implemented in manufacturing and also at assembly shall make sure the repeatability of components and similarity of machines.
  • The systems are set to deliver the quality product for every confirmed order and also ensure quality support for the smooth running of these machines.
  • All the reports on the above points are reviewed cross functionally on a monthly basis to ensure any standardization / upgradation. Thus we are committed to total quality towards our customers.



“We take safety of our equipment, user and its working area as top priority. Hence the R&D team takes sufficient feedback from end users, customers representatives, in-house team and brainstorm on all those input to implement the best safety features. This whole processes in R&D ensures our products are safe, reliable and are made with best of the quality components. Hence prepared to deliver the right machines first time.”

In line with our Mission, Vision & Values, We believe in total quality and for our efforts, we have been certified ISO 9001: 2015 company.