Bar Cutting Machines ranges our machines as highly efficient, safe and durable with advanced features. Quality stands first for INNOMAC and our machines reflect it in every aspect.
This manual provides information for the following model(s) in the Bar Cutting machine range: 

1.ICM42         2.ICM 52    3. ICM 55
This manual is arranged to give you a good understanding of the machine and its safe operation. It also contains maintenance information and specification data. Read this manual from front to back before using the machine for the first time. Particular attention must be given to all the safety aspects of operating and maintaining the machine.


Machine Model Motor capacity Stroke / min Overall Weight (kg) Oil Volume (ltr) Overall Size (mm)
ICM 42 3.7kW/5.0HP 2900 RPM 87.5 449 4.5 1050 X 380 X 814
ICM 52 3.7kW/5.0HP 2900 RPM 58.5 574 5 1154 X 532 X 944
ICM 55 5.0kW/7.5HP 2900 RPM 59.0 810 7 1215 X 720 X 1130


Cast wheels are provided as a default option with all variants which aid is easy movement of machine at site


  • All critical parts of the machine are designed and tested by FEA software to achieve best performance.

  • Tool Box: Innomac is introducing toolbox in cutting machine for the first time in the industry which can be used to store tools and spares like Allen keyset, Blades, etc securely.

  • Hour Meter: Innomac is introducing Hour meter for the first time in cutting and bending machinery. This helps P&M team to monitor machine utilization and plan scheduled maintenance.

  • All models are provided with specious custom mode DoL starter with built in additional safety for Over and under voltage protection and reverse rotation prevention.

  • Ergonomically designed hand lever is easy to operate using operator body weight and needs less effort and safe operation from front side,

  • Cast wheels are provided as a default option with all variants which aid is easy movement of machine at site,

  • All gears are precision helical gears which are smoother, quieter and more efficient than primitive spur gear design. 

  • All models come with motors of uniblock heavy-duty castiron body which provide more robustness than aluminum motors. 

  • All models come with safety plate with handle interlock, which provide additional safety as the operating level will be locked when safety plate is in open position.