Rope Suspended Platforms range our machines as highly efficient, safe and durable with advanced features. Quality stands first for INNOMAC and our machines reflect it in every aspect.Our platforms are supplied with Hot Dip Galvanized of 80 to 100 micron, This helps no rusting, Avoids regular repainting and increases life of the structure.Module to Module Pin joint systems are provided for better and fast assembly.


Applications of Suspended Working Platform.

  • Cleaning and maintaining of the exterior wall of highrise building.
  • Painting, decoration and refurbishing of exterior walls.
  • Installation projects and other construction working of outer walls of high-rise building.
  • Aerial working of ship, large tower, bridge, dams and large chimneys.
  • Install and maintain for high-rise building elevator hoist way, shipbuilding industry, seagoing vessel, warships welding maintain.
The conventional Fastener joints are avoided to eliminate damages of threads, Nuts and decrease of operating cost.The pins are locked to the platform body through steel wires for longer usage to avoid misplacement.

Advantages of Suspended Working Platform

  • Suspended working platforms are designed and constructed in modular form so, it can be mounted in any size from 1 – 7.5 meters.
  • The connection of the individual parts of the structure in each unit is made with nuts and bolts.
  • The suspended platform is equipped with wheels for easy movement around the construction site.
  • The working platform has bolt type and pin type.
  • Modular design. Easy to disassemble, assemble operate and maintain.
  • Lifting height can be adjusted according to requirement (Maximum 100 Meters).