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MODELS: IMH1000 & IMH1500



  • Emergency cut off switch
  • Power fail safe brake motor
  • Mechanical free fall arrester lock
  • Upper limit switch
  • Lower limit switch
  • Fully guarded drive unit

INNOMAC Material Hoist is a Rugged designed system for easy vertical material movement in construction sites offering
best in class features, reliability and safety. The drive system of the machine is with latest technology In-line gear box and
energy efficient reliable S-4 Duty Brake Motor. The built-in brake system in the motor provides safety by self-locking during power
failure, the Machine also has a mechanical safety lock in case of any rope slips / rope damage.

Mechanical Safety Lock:
This is a free fall protection system which automatically latches the material cage to the mast in case of any rope failure.
Hour Meter:
INNOMAC has introduced Hour meter in material hoist which can help P & M team to monitor the machine utilization and plan scheduled maintenance activities.
Upper and Lower Limit Switch:
All models come with safety top and bottom limit switch as a standard feature which auto cuts off the power in case of the operator missing to switch it off in time.
Emergency Shut-Off Switch:
INNOMAC provides dual emergency Switches, one on the control panel and another on the pendant as a standard safety feature which can be used in case of an emergency to stop the machine immediately.
Pendant Operation System:
This helps the operator to control the machine easily moving around it.
Heavy Duty Gear Box:
Planetary Gear Box is directly coupled with the brake motor and thus eliminates conventional belts & chains, hence is low Maintenance Technology. hence is low Maintenance Technology.
Bigger Cage:
INNOMAC Provides the largest cage among any brands with the size of 1250 x 830 x 610 mm this helps to carry big volume Materials, concrete blocks and other items up to the rated net capacity of the equipment.
The Masts are Designed for Highest Reliability Factor, made on Necessary jigs and fixtures to ensure Interchangeability and Perfection of Fabrication.
Wall Ties:
This eliminates the scaffolding and other arrangement costs for installing the masts. The wall tiles are designed for fixing at 6-meter intervals.
Jib Crane Unit (Optional) :
Special attachment with manual winch to ensure Safe & Easy erection of Mast structure/Tower.
Wall tie Installation Platform ( Optional ):
INNOMAC has introduced Wall Tie installation platform for the first time in India for Material hoists